finding the help you need in your child’s school

Posted by Mike Hannan on Aug 10, 2017 3:30:43 PM

For any child with mental health needs, school can be a challenging and frustrating place. And schools can't help if they don’t understand the extent of your child’s problem

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mental Illness and your college-bound child

Posted by Michele Brown on Jun 20, 2017 3:01:23 PM

Going away to college – it’s a rite of passage for many and a time of huge personal growth and change. But for young adults dealing with mental health problems, it represents a whole new set of challenges.

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Topics: Children's Mental Health, Back to school, Parenting

Are School Counselors Outnumbered?

Posted by One in Five Minds on Nov 6, 2015 2:58:41 PM


When people bring up the subject of public schools, the most often discussed topics revolve around academic standardization, teacher accountability and high stakes testing. But one lesser-examined theme is the state of our public school counselors. More pointedly, are we allowing our public school counselors enough time and resources to do everything that the Texas Education Code calls them to do? For those that aren’t familiar, The Texas Education Code states that:  A school counselor’s role is to “fully develop students academic, career, personal and social abilities to serve all students.” That’s a hefty job description, even if you’re talking about a self-declared superhero with only a couple of students under their charge. But as those of us who send our children to public schools know, it’s never just a couple of students.

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