Helping Military Children and Teens

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Helping Your Child Cope with a Military Deployment

In military families, deployment is a fact of life. Since 2001, more than 2 million children in the U.S. have had a parent deployed at least once. Close to half of those have experienced deployments of one or even both parents multiple times. Read Full Article

How Can Parents Help an Anxious Child

As parents, we naturally want our kids to live full, happy and successful lives. Yet all children struggle with anxiety at some point. When it hits your child, it can be hard to know when and how to step in. Read Full Article

A parent’s deployment is a major change in a child’s life which often brings grief, stress and anxiety.  In this brief video, Dr. Joshua Essery, one of the licensed psychologists at Clarity Child Guidance Center, reviews the potential impact of deployment on the child, what a parent can do to help at home, and how to get support. 


Warning Signs

Children Mental Illness: How do you know the signs?

One in five children will experience mental illness – that’s 80,000 children in Bexar County alone – but you wouldn’t know it to look at them. Mental illness isn’t something you can see like a broken arm or the measles, and its invisibility can make it difficult to notice, understand and identify. Mental illness is also an all-encompassing term for a variety of conditions with symptoms that can vary from person to person. LEARN MORE


Finding Help

Mental and emotional problems may be harder to see than a physical illness, but they require as much attention. If you think your child shows signs of mental illness, where can you go? It is not always easy to take the first step and find the right help. This page is designed to help you decide whether you should seek help and why. Under the resource section you will find a list of useful websites to learn more and directories to get the treatment your child needs.


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