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Avoiding Travel Travails: A little planning can go a long way to ensuring your spring break travel is fun for everyone

Posted by Liza Long on Feb 22, 2018 1:01:04 PM

Spring Break is my family’s favorite time to travel. Because we live in chilly Idaho and our grandmas both live in sunny southern California, we usually schedule a trip that includes some combination of theme parks, beaches, and family visits. For most families, juggling such an ambitious schedule is a challenge, but in my family, we have always had to plan for an extra complication: my second son’s mental illness.

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the worth of one: teaching our children to value their worth is vital to their mental health

Posted by Liza Long on Jan 18, 2018 5:03:10 PM

AdobeStock_105908125.jpegI’ll never forget the day that my then four-year-old son Eric told me he just wanted to be a zero. “It hurts too much, Mom,” he said, referring to the anguish of sensory overload that sometimes caused him to melt down in public or lash out at his preschool peers. I hugged my little Buzz Lightyear close—Eric loved his hero so much that it was hard for me to talk him into changing out of his Buzz-themed pajamas. What could I do to help my child?

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time for you: five new years resolutions for a happy, healthy new year

Posted by Liza Long on Dec 28, 2017 10:25:42 AM

The New Year is a time for taking stock of our lives. We celebrate the things that are going well, and we re-evaluate the things that could go better. Many of us write down our intentions as resolutions, macro-level goals to guide us to a more productive and peaceful new year. According to Nielsen ratings service, the top five new year’s resolutions in 2015 were:

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feeling thankful in the midst of challenges

Posted by Liza Long on Nov 16, 2017 9:48:23 AM

Since my children were young, we’ve practiced the same Thanksgiving tradition. During the first week of November, we sit down together and make our “Thankful Turkeys.” We trace our hands (my youngest daughter’s are now almost as big as mine!) on recycled brown paper grocery bags, then cut our “feathers” from bright construction paper and write what we are thankful for on our feathers.

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what if your child is the bully?

Posted by Liza Long on Oct 12, 2017 3:52:42 PM

As the police car pulled out of the elementary school parking lot, my 11-year-old son handcuffed and sobbing inside, I turned to the principal. Tears coursing down my own cheeks, I asked, “How did this happen? What can we do to help Eric?”

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Topics: Parenting Kids With Mental Illness