San Antonio Police Department Mental Health Crisis Team

Shortly after 911, Officer William Kasberg’s department was called to a week-long class about “Crisis intervention.” He thought for sure it was going to be a training on terrorism defense. When they announced that the topic was mental illness de-escalation and using non-violent techniques, he wondered if he was in the right room. Later in the training, a frail 70-year old lady spoke about her violent mentally ill son, and what could happen one day when they would have to intervene in her defense. Her talk changed everything - the way Officer Kasberg understood his duty, and the way he could truly help people in his community. This in turn started a movement that completely transformed the San Antonio Police Department.

This video replay is from the TEDxSanAntonio Children's Mental Health Salon: Where are the Casseroles? One in Five Minds collaborated with TEDxSanAntonio to present this unique children's mental health event on September 13, 2014. In this presentation, SAPD Officers William Kasberg and James Williams, along with actors Katerina Rakosky and Robert Paulissen, present an example of "SAPD: Crisis De-escalation."