A Parent’s Guide to Early Intervention for Psychosis in Children

Posted by Julia Marie Hogan on Dec 19, 2019 3:29:44 PM

Has your child been acting differently lately? Did they used to be organized, outgoing, and actively involved in class and social activities but have recently become withdrawn and disorganized? Have they even started sharing strange thoughts and ideas?

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Topics: Children's Mental Health, Parenting Kids With Mental Illness, Is My Child Sick?, Getting Treatment, Drug use

What Parents Need to Know About the Opioid Crisis

Posted by Julia Marie Hogan on Dec 13, 2018 11:33:19 AM

As parents, your number one goal is to help your child live a happy and healthy life. You want to protect them from any kind of harm — and that includes harmful drug use. Unfortunately, today more than ever before, your child may be at risk for developing an opioid addiction.

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Topics: Advocacy, Self-Care, Drug use

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