What Does a Mental Health Diagnosis Mean for You and Your Child? This 4-Step Process Can Help You Adjust

Posted by Venée M. Hummel, LCSW on Dec 19, 2019 5:09:51 PM

Following a mental health diagnosis for your child, you may feel concerned, uncertain, and even fearful. On one hand, you finally have some answers. On the other hand, it opens up a world of new questions and emotions.

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In Honor of Military and Veteran Families: Talking With Children About Military Service

Posted by Vanessa Jacoby, PhD on Nov 8, 2019 2:37:24 PM

Veterans Day is a time to step back and honor those who have served or are currently serving our country. It’s a day to reflect on how the service and sacrifice of others have paved the way for the freedoms and opportunities that we enjoy.

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Championing Your Military Child: How to Advocate for their Success and Mental Health

Posted by Venée M. Hummel, LCSW on Jun 10, 2019 12:45:12 PM

The role of an advocate is to support, speak on behalf of, promote, protect, and champion. Children, even if they are nearing legal age, require a champion in their corner (and the more the merrier). This is especially true when a mental health struggle is present. For military children, given their unique experience, a caregiver who takes on the role of champion plays an important part in promoting the overall well-being of a child, including their mental health.

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4 Reasons Why Military Moms are True Superheroes

Posted by Vanessa Jacoby, PhD on May 9, 2019 4:18:39 PM

As Mother’s Day approaches, I would like to take the opportunity to shine a light on military moms. You are all truly amazing, and here are some reasons why.

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The Month of the Military Child: Strength, Resilience, and Challenges for the Youth of Our Service Members

Posted by Venée M. Hummel, LCSW on Apr 12, 2019 8:00:00 AM

“We are the children of warriors. And although it was initially a role not of our choosing, it is a role perpetuated by many of us with pride … It is an attitude, a way of being.” (Wertsch, 1991, p. 350)

April is the Month of the Military Child, with purple ribbons signifying support and gratitude to the young family members who sacrifice alongside their military moms and dads. There are nearly two million U.S. military-connected children and adolescents living at home and abroad for overseas assignments. Unlike the careers of many civilians, service in the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines affects all aspects of life and has great implications on each family member. For the military child, the lifestyle presents with many opportunities for strength-building and has potential to also create unique challenges.

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Supporting Your Child During a Military-Related Separation

Posted by Vanessa Jacoby, PhD on Mar 26, 2019 10:12:09 AM

Between deployments, TDYs, training in the field, and preparing for missions at training centers, frequent separations are a common reality for military families. This can mean a lot of change and disruption that is stressful for everyone, especially your children. Yet even through transition and separation, there are things you can do to before the separation and during to reduce stress and promote well-being for everyone in your family.

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